Meliã Gorriones Hotel

Fuerteventura, Spain

Located in Fuerteventura, this modern four star hotel is equipped with FD30 doors and frames (portaro® system) from Vicaima, as well as doors and frames with normal interior. To match the interior decor, steamed beech finish was selected.

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Parque do Rio Development

Lisbon, Portugal

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Hotel TRYP Menfis

Madrid, Spain

This urban and functional hotel, has its rooms equipped with FD30 doors and frames (portaro® system), by Vicaima. Dekordor® HD was the finish selected to integrate the different decors in cherry and steamed beech tones.

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We develop specialized solutions for Hotels

An expert in developing solutions for the hotel industry, Vicaima has an extensive portfolio that reflect its experience and know-how for Premium projects . Unique solutions, customised for each project, ranging from furniture, fire doors and acoustic doors to doors with RFID integrated system with access control that enables online access and resource optimisation in real time. Technical support is provided by the Promotion and Project Team that analyses in detail each Project, evaluating performances and the best solutions according to customer needs.

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Baxter Green

Nottinghamshire, England

Envisioned by internationally recognised Leonard Design Architects, Baxter Green project introduces outstanding low-density luxury housing surrounded by tranquil countryside. This Development from house builder William May, incorporated Vicaima’s Dekordor® 3D finished interior doors throughout, alternating within particular house types, between a textured grey face with horizontal decorative grooves and a rich Dark Cedar finish. 

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