Private luxury condominium, comprising 89 residential villas, equipped with Vicaima solutions, such as the normal interior Walnut Natur Portaro®, which includes door, frame and accessories in a single piece.

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BessaHotel Baixa

Porto, Portugal

Marked in its genesis by the modern design and vintage decorative details, the BessaHotel Baixa, signed by designer, Nini Andrade Silva, integrates customised solutions, including Portaro® Inverse, whose contemporary configuration enables the door to be faced with the frame or with full wall-width panels.

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Bessa Hotel Liberdade

Lisbon, Portugal

Located in the heart of Lisbon, the Hotel Bessa Liberdade boasts a combination of vintage and contemporary décor. The blending of white lacquer and natural walnut veneer enhances the sophisticated design ambience of the entire project, featuring the Portaro® Inverse EI30 AC42dB solution in the room entrances. This solution consists of a 30-minute fire door with acoustic isolation up to 42dB, enabling the door to be faced with the wall panels, thus creating a continuous and elegant effect.

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Bemposta School

Algarve, Portugal

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Bayview House

Yogo Group, London

Bayview House in Enfield is the epitome of modern living.  To this exclusive collection of luxury apartments, Yogo Group chose Vicaima’s Exclusive inlay doors in horizontal walnut veneer, with chrome door furniture. In addition to their stunning good looks, the Exclusive range also offers performance options, including fire protection and the doors used at Bayview are all FD30 rated and FSC® certified.

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Baxter Green

Nottinghamshire, England

Envisioned by internationally recognised Leonard Design Architects, Baxter Green project introduces outstanding low-density luxury housing surrounded by tranquil countryside. This Development from house builder William May, incorporated Vicaima’s Dekordor® 3D finished interior doors throughout, alternating within particular house types, between a textured grey face with horizontal decorative grooves and a rich Dark Cedar finish. 

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Barcelos Secondary School

Barcelos, Portugal

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Barceló Ourense

Ourense, Spain

The four-star Barceló Ourense hotel is located at Ourense city centre, in Spain, and is characterised by its straight lines, vanguard design, classic notes and eclectic touch.

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Bali Luxury Living

Costa del Mar, Panama

With a sophisticated architectural style, this luxury housing project is situated on the Costa del Mar, Panama, close to nature and the sea. In order to integrate it’s modern and carefully designed interiors, Vicaima doors and frames were selected with customized finish in horizontal walnut real wood veneer plus matt varnish. Options such as apartment entrance doors, portaro®  single leaf embellished with customized frames using panel applications and portaro double leaf, were some of the chosen solutions to guarantee the comfort and elegance desired for the spaces.

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