ABC Hotels

Porto, Portugal

The Portaro® Inverse solution, with its fire-safety and acoustic performances, in pastel tones, characterises the clean and serene environment of the ABC Hotel Porto Boavista, a 4-star project. Located in one of the most historic and bustling areas of the city of Porto, this hotel was equipped with many Vicaima solutions. These played an important role in the overall concept of the hotel and also reflected the fusion between modern architecture marked by the comfort of the interiors, the security and ultimately the functionality of spaces.

For the entrance to the rooms, the Portaro® Inverse EI30 AC38dB was adopted, integrated with panels in order to create a continuous sight line. Within the room interiors, the Portaro® Pivotal was the option, providing adjusted room height dimension and magnetic lock, thus permitting a harmonious use of the space. These and other solutions included a palette of light shades, in which Creme Liqueur, a Dekordor® HD Colours high-resistance finish, conveys the perfect hue to the sophisticated and relaxed ambience of ABC Hotel Porto Boavista.

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