Ambassador Boutique Hotel

Nyon, Switzerland

This unique project reflects the architectural surroundings and language of the inspiring mountain landscapes overlooking the city of Nyon. The intimate ambiance of the Ambassador Boutique Hotel is created by the synthesis between the sand, black or taupé shades which confer a sober and refined décor to the space. Vicaima doors conform to the elegant spirit, with a plain dark grey or white design and prove to be a fundamental element in this arrangement, which highlights the essence of the hotel's lines in perfect equilibrium.

The technical doors used in this project guarantee high safety and comfort levels for guests, particularly the Portaro® 30 minute fire resistant and 42dB acoustic insulation solutions, equipping the room entrances, or the 30 minute fire resistant doors which integrate the service and common areas. All of these products have Dekordor® HD Colours finish, offering easy maintenance and high resistance, ideal for the most intensive use.

Vicaima is a leading innovator in offering technical solutions to the different markets where it operates, and has developed products for the Swiss market with specific certification according to the AEAI standards. The expertise and versatility of the brand goes further by adding the vanguard in design trends and tones for interior doors to its technical performance.

Product Range

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