Anantara Plaza Nice Hotel

Nice, France

A remarkable historic building with a Belle Époque façade, which once opened in the 19th century as the city’s first luxury hotel, has now been transformed into the Anantara Plaza Nice, a contemporary-style hotel, and has chosen Vicaima for the fitting of the entrance and connecting doors of its rooms.

A glamorous ambiance dominates the different spaces of the five-star hotel, where Vicaima solutions stand out in the 151 rooms. In these spaces, the Portaro® - a set comprising door, frame and accessories in a single piece - EI30 AC42dB V2, EI30 AC40dB and EI60 AC43dB assure the fire resistance and acoustic insulation required for the guests’ tranquillity, in a hotel located on one of the most vibrant avenues on the French Riviera seafront.

In terms of finishes, the nobility of the oak and the elegance of the plain colours were the tones selected for the interiors. The quarter cut Naturdor® Oak, with matt varnish and inlay, reflects the authenticity of this material within the seaside atmosphere of the iconic Côte d’Azur.

The aesthetics is further distinguished by the grey and Lacdor Extreme RAL 7010 and 1019 pastel shades, tailor-made to the project. With their smooth surface and high gloss finish, this finishing is a perfect match for the prevailing refined surroundings.

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