Bairro Alto Hotel

Lisbon, Portugal

Emblematic of its historical past and a contemporary future, this five-star boutique hotel, designed by renowned architect Eduardo Souto Moura, has selected Vicaima doors to reflect the original and luxurious décor of the interiors.

The exuberant atmosphere echoed in the colours, textures and materials, extends to the customized design doors, which accompany the personalization of the spaces while providing supreme comfort and security.

For the entrance and connecting room doors, the choice was the Portaro® EI30 AC42dB, with fire resistance 30 minutes and sound insulation up to 42dB.

In corridors, common areas and emergency exits numerous performance solutions and configurations were selected, namely Portaro® doble-action EI/FD30 2 Leaf, Portaro® EI/FD30 AC42dB and AC32dB and Portaro® EI/FD30, 1 and 2 Leaf.

Product Range

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