Barceló Funchal Oldtown

Funchal, Portugal

Barceló Funchal Oldtown is the group’s new five-star unit in the region and features Vicaima solutions in the bedrooms and common areas.

The company’s solutions play a crucial role in creating a secure and aesthetically pleasant ambiance. The project integrates three different Portaro® solutions - a set comprising a door, frame and accessories in a single piece - each of which meets specific needs in an exceptional fashion.

The Portaro® EI30 AC33dB features outstanding fire resistance for up to 30 minutes and 33 dB sound insulation, making a significant contribution to the safety and acoustic comfort of guests. This solution combines functionality and tranquillity with a distinctive design.

Complementing security, the Portaro® EI30 enhances the essential resistance to fire, whilst maintaining its coherence with the design of the rest of the hotel. Both versions, EI30 and EI30 AC33dB, are certified by accredited international organisations, assuring compliance and quality.

Functionality in the bedrooms is further enhanced by the Portaro® Pocket Door, the ideal choice to help maximise space by expanding areas in an intelligent and versatile way.

The interior design of this luxury hotel stands out for its luminosity, featuring light tones which visually broaden the spaces and complement the hotel’s stunning panoramic views. Vicaima significantly contributes to this visual aesthetic, blending elegance and performance. The Dekordor® HD wood look, which was specifically customised for this project, is used on all the doors, emphasising the sophistication of the hotel. A distinctive touch is added to the bedroom entrance doors with a Garlic Grey interior from the Dekordor® HD Colours range.

The wood panels, applied in different areas, match the design of the exterior doors, ensuring a harmonious and refined appearance. This integrated approach by Vicaima highlights its commitment to creating environments which balance beauty and practicality, thereby emphasising the hotel’s unique identity.

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