BessaHotel Baixa

Porto, Portugal

Marked in its genesis by the modern design and vintage decorative details, the BessaHotel Baixa, signed by designer, Nini Andrade Silva, integrates customised solutions, including Portaro® Inverse, whose contemporary configuration enables the door to be faced with the frame or with full wall-width panels.

All the Vicaima products which were designed to fit the project’s theme - doors, frames, panels, window boards and skirtings - boast an exclusive finish resulting from a customised industrial process which recreates a copper look and design, enhancing the authentic, cosmopolitan and welcoming look of the hotel.

This hotel development included several technical performances, namely the Portaro® Inverse FD30, with acoustic insulation up to 45 decibels (EI30 AC45dB), for the room entrances, along with the Portaro® 30 minute fire resistance for the hotel’s common areas.

Product Range

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