Caju Le Petit Hotel

Madeira, Portugal

Member of the Divine Hotels Collection, the Caju Le Petit Hotel, integrates specially selected and exclusive Vicaima Match solutions to embody the minimalist, urban and welcoming ambiance of this project, decorated by the Studio of the undeniable Nini Andrade Silva.

In this emblematic project, which respects and integrates existing architectural elements, numerous Portaro® Inverse solutions where installed.  In particular, 30 minute fire resistance and acoustic isolation with up to 41db (EI30 AC41dB). This solution enhances and combines with the trends of modern architecture, as it permits the integration of the door with the panels, thereby creating a continuous and harmonious wall line.

The entire space is surrounded by the striking contrast between the urban chic of concrete and the historic secular stones, all carefully preserved. These elements integrate seamlessly with modern Vicaima elements, specifically developed for the project, featuring a realistic concrete look. The latter is the result of the application of Vicaima MATCH solutions, which are brought to life by innovative production technologies, thus enabling the customised reproduction of different materials, patterns and textures. The balance found in these different elements: doors, frames, wall panels and technical elements all confer an authentic and exclusive identity to the hotel.

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