Catalonia Porto Hotel

Porto, Portugal

Vicaima was the interior door brand selected to equip the new "Catalonia Porto Hotel" with fire and acoustic doors offering comfort, security and refinement, featuring distinguished and modern lacquers.

The seductive décor of the 4 star boutique hotel nominated for the 2020 National Urban Rehabilitation Awards integrates the more traditional aspects and contemporary lines, whilst the cool and almost pastel colours of the compartments create serene spaces.

The FD30 AC44dB Portaro®, the single and double leaf FD30 Portaro® and the FD60 double action Portaro® solutions ensure greater security at the room entrances, emergency exits and service areas, respectively, protecting people and property by preventing or retarding fire or smoke propagation in critical fire situations. By ensuring the tranquillity and comfort designed for the space, the acoustic performance, also provided in the technical room by the FD30 AC41dB Portaro® solution confers sound insulation, complying with the standard, legal and social requirements, which are increasingly more demanding when it comes to noise levels. The grey and chocolate lacquers, all of which are used in this hotel project, have lent style and sobriety throughout the various rooms of the building.

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