Catalonia Santa Justa Hotel

Seville, Spain

Vicaima was the chosen brand to complement the recent refurbishment and expansion of the Catalonia Santa Justa Hotel, in Seville city centre, equipping one more of its hotels by fitting multiple Portaro® solutions, which include door, frame and accessories in a single piece and enable a range of designs and finishes which are compatible with all the other details. Featured in the diverse areas, the installation of the products aims to increase the comfort and security features enjoyed by guests and, at the same time, provide an aesthetic style suited to the design of the project, which was conceived to reproduce and pay tribute to the picturesque look of the city’s typical interior courtyards.

The Portaro® EI30 AC44dB fire and acoustic solution adds to the refined, intimate and secure setting and is a key element in the concept of the new rooms.

The Portaro® EI30 AC42dB and Portaro® EI60 options complete the hotel’s common areas in versatile and elegant applications. Designed with the required safeguard of spaces in mind, all Vicaima technical solutions, certified by accredited entities, play a crucial role in the fire safety plan.

As regards the finishes, invoking refined aesthetic sensations, the matt green lacquer, tailored to the project, inspires a chic décor throughout the hotel, boosting luminosity and amplitude in the various backgrounds through an image that merges with the surrounding gardens.

Product Range

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