EXMO. Hotel

Oporto, Portugal

The EXMO. Hotel is set in a completely renovated 14th century heritage building. Overlooking the Douro River, in Oporto, this 4-star hotel project, designed by the Atelier Floret Arquitectura, has a welcoming and elegant charm where the décor, colour and moderate atmosphere are complemented by Vicaima technical solutions, which  include fire doors and acoustic doors.

The entrance to the rooms feature the Portaro® Inverse EI30 AC45dB solution (30 minute fire door with acoustic isolation up to 45 dB), which has the same colour on its external face as the surrounding, thus creating corridors with continuous and clean lines. This modern and elegant touch is matched to the selected tone, lacquered grey white, thus forming perfect harmony with the décor and ambience of its environment. Additionally, other technical doors were integrated into the building, such as the 30 minute fire doors in the swinging and double leaf configurations to enhance the functionality of this impressive leisure facility.

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