Hotel Best Western Chalet Les Saytels

Le Grand-Bornand, France

Vicaima strengthens its position as a major European player within its sector by fitting, with various Portaro® options, the entrances to the rooms of the Best Western Chalet Les Saytels Hotel, located in southern France, in the region of Le Grand-Bornand.

Set in a mountainous setting at around 50 km from Geneva, this four-star hotel incorporates the Portaro® Fire and Acoustic Performance solution at the room entrances. This solution provides guests with guaranteed fire resistance up to 30 minutes, acoustic insulation up to 41db, as well as an excellent thermal coefficient level - U-Value 1.3 W/(m2.ºC), offering distinct levels of comfort and security in the rooms.

With regard to the selection of the finish, the choice fell on the Naturdor® Heritage Oak. Inspired by the purest state of wood, it complements the different spaces of the hotel, promoting harmony between the chalet style and the naturalistic surroundings of rare beauty. The natural wood veneer finish displays the authentic and genuine features of wood, thus enhancing the aesthetic and sensorial experience of all the guests.

The Vicaima options with fire and acoustic performances featured in this project contribute to creating a peaceful, protective and private ambiance. These technical specifications, certified by international accredited entities, in line with the aesthetic excellence of the products, further reinforce Vicaima’s commitment to the hotel market, thereby marking its presence in yet another international project of reference.

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