Hotel Catalonia Gran Vía Bilbao

Bilbao, Spain

Vicaima solutions are enhanced in the different areas of the Hotel Catalonia Gran Vía Bilbao, contributing to highlight the elegance, versatility and modernity of the development.

The project includes a wide selection of Vicaima interior, fire, fire and acoustic doors, certified by international accredited entities, including several Portaro® units (a solution comprising door, frame and accessories in a single piece) including the Portaro® EI30 AC44dB, selected for the 106 room entrances of this complex as well as the Portaro® for the interior.

In the different common areas, the Portaro® EI30 AC40dB, EI60 and EI60 AC44dB and Portaro® solutions fitted there, result in a perfect blend of comfort and tranquillity. For maximum comfort and efficient access between the different spaces, several units of Block® Sliding and Portaro® Double Action were also installed, these solutions are combine functionality and aesthetics.

Focusing great attention to detail, the hotel’s interiors integrate the refined shades of the RAL 7044 grey and RAL 8019 brown lacquers, adding to the contemporary ambience and refining its elegant lines.

Product Range

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