Hotel My Palace León

León, Spain

With an extensive presence in the hotel industry and a wide range of solutions, Vicaima has once again been selected to complement a new hotel project, with the application of its products in the Hotel My Palace León.

At all room entrances, ranging from single rooms to suites, guests are welcomed by the Portaro® Inverse EI30 AC39db solution, with the concealed frame and door facing the panels, which distinguishes the architecture of the space with straight, continuous surfaces, thus creating a contemporary look.

The presence of the brand is equally extended to the common areas, in which an imposing electric fireplace and an eighteen-metre high vertical garden in the lobby stand out, as well as the spa and wellness centre. In these areas, the Block EI60 model by Vicaima - a set comprising of door, jambs, architraves and accessories that are ready to install - boasts fire resistance characteristics fundamental for the project, being certified by accredited international entities.

As regards finishes, the natural real wood crown cut veneer in Naturdor® Walnut was the selected option for all rooms and common areas. For a further differentiating and modern touch, four grooved panels were also applied in the door and panel design, thereby creating a perfect aesthetic balance with the rest of the decorative elements.

Product Range

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