L'Arbre Voyageur Hotel

Lille, France

L’Arbre Voyageur is a luxury hotel located in the centre of Lille, which brings together diverse Vicaima technical solutions into a single harmonious design and functional concept.

Ensuring complete visitor comfort, by creating bold and serene environments and a total sense of security, this project is equipped, in the access to each room, with a 30-minute Fire Door Portaro solution, which also guarantees an acoustic insulation up to 42dB (EI30 AC42dB). Concerning to the common areas, they maintain the integration of technical solutions with high quality design, functionality and superior performance, thanks to the incorporation of 30-minute Fire Doors, such as the Portaro Inverse option, flush facing wall, generating a clean and contemporary environment.

With a singular decoration that inspires the traveller, it presents, in different spaces, unique environments, in which the natural brown wood tones, selected for doors and surrounds, finds a perfect and beautiful harmony.

Tags: Fire DoorsAcoustic Doors, Portaro®, Naturdor®

Project photos by @Maud Delaflotte

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