Mercure Lugo Centro Hotel

Galicia, Spain

The Mercure Lugo Centro Hotel, which is the first of the chain in the Galicia region, adopted different constructive solutions, performances and finishes, signed by Vicaima, to be fitted in the rooms and common areas of the development. The products of the company integrate the 89 rooms comprising the property, along with the common spaces, which provide unique amenities. Together, these culminate in an experience designed in detail for guests and visitors.

Driven by the concern to assure the comfort and security of the spaces, the performances integrated in this hotel project included the Portaro® EI30 AC41dB solution for the room entrances, as well as the Portaro® EI60 solution for the common areas. In addition, multiple Block units were installed in these same common areas.

Conceived to convey an elegant and distinguished style, the Dekordor® HD Black, customised to the project, blends into the décor of the rooms and common areas as a highly resistant and durable laminate, making it the ideal choice to combine with a contemporary design and bring a vibrant touch to each interior. Also present in the common zones of the development, the Naturdor® Oak and Walnut, two natural real wood veneer finishes, were chosen to enhance the symbiosis between the sophisticated features of the hotel and the enhancement of the remaining decorative elements.

Product Range

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