Meyerhold Opera Hotel

Paris, France

Vicaima was selected to renovate the 1930’s inspired ambiance of the sophisticated Meyerhold Opera Paris Hotel, one of the most recent hotel properties located in the heart of the French capital.

The primary objective of this renovation and rehabilitation project; set in an historic building, located near the Grands Boulevards neighbourhood, was to improve the comfort of the guests and to create a refined environment in an urban setting.

For the room entrance, the choice made was for the Vicaima Poratro®AC42dB EI30, a solution which includes door, adjustable frame to wall thickness and accessories is one single piece, and therefore, of rapid and efficient installation, due to its adaptation to existing building structures.

Inspired by the hotel’s setting, Vicaima door solutions were exclusively developed, in quarter cut walnut veneer with a sunrise effect and matt finish, matching the environment recreated at the hotel and inspired by the Bahaus constructivism. Amongst the solutions provided are also the sliding doors in the interior the suites, with tailor-made details, which combine with the glamorous ambiance of the hotel.

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