MouraSuites Hotel

Évora, Portugal

Vicaima introduces the aesthetic and refined imprint of its solutions in all the 25 rooms that constitute the MouraSuites Hotel. Designed to match the elegance and simplicity of this boutique hotel, the room entrance doors incorporate the Portaro® EI30 AC40dB, a set consisting of door, frame and accessories in a single piece. This, added to the other elements that make up the decor of the rooms, results in a formula which highlights the classic and elegant lines of the property.

The choice is synonymous of a secure stay, as it ensures a 30 minute fire performance, and a restful one too, as it also provides acoustic isolation up to 40dB. Both features are certified by international accredited entities and provide guests with moments of total relaxation. The solutions simultaneously express the brand’s sustainable values, being available with FSC® certification, the entity which promotes responsible forest management.

The Hotel is located in the Historical Centre of Évora and through all its details, it portrays the history of the building, which dates back to the 15th century. Combined with the contribution of the Vicaima products, this project respects the identity and legacy of the site in which it is located, thus creating a pleasant harmony with the modern and contemporary ambiences which are also featured in this Hotel.


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