Neya Porto Hotel

Porto, Portugal

Highly experienced in the hotel sector, Vicaima is the door brand chosen to integrate the new NEYA Porto Hotel, a development shrouded with history, resulting from the rehabilitation of part of the ruins of the Convent of Madre Deus de Monchique.

The Portaro® Inverse EI30 AC38dB was selected for the entrance of the rooms, featuring a 30 minute fire resistance class and sound isolation up to 38dB. The chosen finish was Naturdor® Oak, in natural wood veneer, bringing out the sophistication and beauty of the space, which perfectly blends in with the modern flair of the project. 

This new hotel development also features the Portaro® FD30 single and double leaf, Portaro® FD60 double leaf, as well as the Portaro® Double Action single leaf and Portaro® Double Action EI30 double leaf, in the common areas, such as corridors, emergency exits and dining room. Among other finishes, the different solutions also included a greyish brown lacquer, ideal for places which perfectly match with sober and distinct surroundings.

Product Range

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