Pur Oporto Boutique Hotel

Porto, Portugal

Vicaima was chosen to bring expression to the Pur Oporto Boutique Hotel, the new venture of the Actahotels chain, situated in the iconic Rua de Santa Catarina, right in the historic centre of the city of Porto.

In this project, several units of Portaro® EI30 AC42dB were integrated in the room entrances. This solution applied in Pur Oporto Boutique Hotel is certified by international accredited entities, assuring fire resistance up to 30 minutes and acoustic isolation up to 42dB, thus complying with the fire safety requirements and, at the same time, providing the ideal acoustic levels for a pleasant stay.

Naturdor® Oak was used on the doors on the inside of the rooms and on the exterior side, a custom-made design was applied, revealing the exclusive and differentiating character of the design and adding a bold character to the entrances of the hotel rooms.

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