SDivine Fátima Hotel

Fátima, Portugal

Designed for the four-star SDivine Fátima Hotel, the Vicaima solutions were selected to integrate the concept of an elegant interior architecture, in harmony with the mysticism of the city of Fátima.

The doors with Dekordor® HD Colours Shadow Grey and Dekordor® HD White finish, are enhanced in a combination of contrasts and senses, featuring intense shades revealing charm. These high physical and chemical resistant laminates are suitable for places subject to intensive use and are ideal for applications where durability and design are combined. The wardrobes complemented the room ambiance evidencing harmony amongst the different elements.

The project included a vast choice of technical solutions, such as 30 minute fire resistant Portaro® (normal and double action), acoustic isolation Portaro®, and different configurations such as the Portaro® Inverse, with both pocket door and outer door sliding system.

Vicaima solutions have therefore played a part in creating modern interiors which reflect architectural trends, where contrast, lightness and sophistication set the difference.

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