Grand Huit Nyon

Nyon, Switzerland

Vicaima restates its leading position in the European housing sector by providing high-performance interior doors and security doors to the Grand Huit Nyon housing project, which lies in the heart of the Swiss city.

In the interior of the building, the highlight goes to the apartment entrance doors; a multi-performance technical solution, accredited by the Swiss market and adapted to the project, featuring a RC2 security door, with 30 minute fire resistance and 44dB sound insulation. This solution also includes a high thermal coefficient (UD: 1,17 W/(m2C)), which considerably impacts energy savings and building insulation, thereby contributing to a more eco-friendly construction.

The interiors have contemporary and clean lines, creating a vibrant dynamic combination with the Portaro® Inverse, a solution where the door is faced with the frame, creating continuous plans, providing an ambience in line with the latest trends in interior architecture.

The elegance of the spaces is further enriched by the diversity of coatings and tailor-made finishes which include a russet colour natural wood stained veneer as well as grey and white lacquered tones.

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