Hassan Centenary Terraces


Vicaima was chosen to equip the interior doors in the more than 600 homes that make up this six-building project. Vicaima is renowned for its innovation and customised response to interior door solutions, frames, wardrobes, panels and furniture pieces, and has a diverse portfolio of projects in the residential and school sectors in Gibraltar.

To provide appropriate response to the challenges of the Hassan Centenary Terraces, the interior of the apartments was fitted with the Portaro® solution, a set that integrates door, frame and accessories in a single piece.

In the common areas of the development, the integration of Portaro® FD30 and FD60 solutions ensures different levels of fire resistance, adapting to the specific requirements of these areas of intensive use. Certified by accredited international organisations, both solutions not only meet the requirements of protection and use in buildings prepared to house thousands of residents, but also reflect a commitment to quality. The versatility of these products is emphasised by the double leaf options and glazing, which let in natural light. The project also includes FD60 overpanels, providing fire resistance for up to 60 minutes.

In this project, the finish chosen was Dekordor® SD White, an option offering countless decorative possibilities, since it can be integrated with striking elements in a versatile way, whilst strictly complying with the multiple performances guaranteed by this solution.

Product Range

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