Aparthotel Adagio Casablanca City Center

Casablanca, Marrocos

The heart of Casablanca was the city chosen to host the Adagio Casablanca City Center Aparthotel project, where the doors supplied by Vicaima contributed to create a contemporaryand functional ambiance.

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Barceló Ourense

Ourense, Spain

The four-star Barceló Ourense hotel is located at Ourense city centre, in Spain, and is characterised by its straight lines, vanguard design, classic notes and eclectic touch.

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Jupiter Albufeira Hotel

Algarve, Portugal

Various Vicaima solutions were integrated into the first 5 star hotel from the Jupiter Hotel Group. This luxury family resort, with around 400 rooms, results from a complete refurbishing which emphasizes design, flexibility and comfort. In view of the places of application, various Portaro® solutions were selected, such as 30 and 60 minute fire doors, technical shafts and fire and acoustic doors for the room entrances. Other solutions such as sliding doors or wardrobes were also developed according to the requirements of the project. The choice for brown and white shades enhances the elegance of the decoration and the relaxing and energising effect created for the interiors.

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EXMO. Hotel

Oporto, Portugal

The EXMO. Hotel is set in a completely renovated 14th century heritage building. Overlooking the Douro River, in Oporto, this 4-star hotel project, designed by the Atelier Floret Arquitectura, has a welcoming and elegant charm where the décor, colour and moderate atmosphere are complemented by Vicaima technical solutions, which  include fire doors and acoustic doors.

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Vila Galé Collection Braga


Yet again Vicaima is making a difference in this emblematic four-star hotel project by providing customised solutions, which contribute to the uniqueness of this journey through time. Challenged to conform to solutions that both preserve the historical character of the building and ensure the refinement and comfort of the spaces, Vicaima developed several technical products, under the Portaro® concept, such as fire doors and acoustic doors for the entrance to the rooms or fire doors for the common areas. For the different areas of the refurbished building, flush door models were also selected, as well as customised classic sucupira models, which due to their tone, stand out in the surrounding environment.

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Pestana Casino Studios

Madeira, Portugal

The contemporary architecture of Pestana Casino Studios stands out in the surrounding space for its originality. This 4-star hotel project has been equipped with numerous technical solutions including most notably, sliding doors and Vicaima fire doors; certified by accredited independent laboratories. The interiors are enriched by the contrast created between white lacquered doors and the playful colourful elements within bedrooms or the pastel colours of the corridors, which define this modern and cosy style throughout.

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Bessa Hotel Liberdade

Lisbon, Portugal

Located in the heart of Lisbon, the Hotel Bessa Liberdade boasts a combination of vintage and contemporary décor. The blending of white lacquer and natural walnut veneer enhances the sophisticated design ambience of the entire project, featuring the Portaro® Inverse EI30 AC42dB solution in the room entrances. This solution consists of a 30-minute fire door with acoustic isolation up to 42dB, enabling the door to be faced with the wall panels, thus creating a continuous and elegant effect.

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ABC Hotels

Porto, Portugal

The Portaro® Inverse solution, with its fire-safety and acoustic performances, in pastel tones, characterises the clean and serene environment of the ABC Hotel Porto Boavista, a 4-star project. Located in one of the most historic and bustling areas of the city of Porto, this hotel was equipped with many Vicaima solutions. These played an important role in the overall concept of the hotel and also reflected the fusion between modern architecture marked by the comfort of the interiors, the security and ultimately the functionality of spaces.

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Holiday Inn Express Asuncion Aviadores


With a modern and eco-friendly positioning, this hotel project is fitted with Vicaima solutions, including the Block system (a set that includes door, frame and accessories) providing performances, such as, fire resistance and acoustic insulation, fire resistance and non-fire solutions.  With regard to the shades chosen, the option focused on white and oak - pale shades that are in perfect harmony with the functional and casual style of the hotel. The Holiday Inn Express hotel brand, of the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), joins other brands in the group for which Vicaima solutions were also selected, such as the Intercontinental or the Holiday Inn.

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