Bishop Fitzgerald Upper Primary School


Bishop Fitzgerald Upper Primary School provides a complete and balanced school policy for all pupils, having selected the Vicaima solutions as part of the process of developing a high quality structure in the various teaching areas.

Prioritising security at every stage of the project, the choice of Portaro® - a set that integrates door, frame and accessories in a single piece - reflects the importance of fire resistance and acoustic insulation, through a transversal application of this solution in the different spaces of the building, including the Portaro® fire resistant models FD30 and FD60. Certified by accredited international organisations, these solutions guarantee compliance with the highest security standards.

As a school that aspires to make every child feel comfortable in the school environment, Bishop Fitzgerald Upper Primary School incorporates both the Portaro® SK AC32dB and SK AC33dB options, with appropriate sound insulation levels for fully equipped classrooms prepared for concentration dynamics.

In addition to functionality and security, a building with the purpose of accommodating children on a daily basis requires mobility and accessibility, in which Portaro® pocket door options and double leaf solutions play an important role, while glazing and overpanel openings were strategically integrated to maximise the presence of natural light - a fundamental element for the well-being of all users.

Both on the exterior and interior, Bishop Fitzgerald Upper Primary School presents a multitude of colours, patterns and motivational phrases contributing to a dynamic and lively setting. The diverse coatings in Vicaima’s Dekordor® range, namely Dekordor® HD Colors Shadow Grey, Mustard Yellow and Aqua Green, among other colours tailored to the project, are a perfect fit. These laminates offer high physical and chemical resistance and are particularly suitable for high-intensity circulation areas where durability and design are to be combined.

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