Calheta Medical Centre

Madeira, Portugal

Vicaima's expertise in the medical sector is again in focus at the refurbished Calheta Medical Centre in Funchal. This project included various high performance solutions which ensure the functionality of the spaces, security and comfort to patients and professionals.

The FD30 double action and swinging Portaro® was presented as one of the options for the Calheta Medical Centre so as to ensure the free circulation of equipment and people. Besides this one, other technical solutions were chosen namely, the non-fire Portaro®, the glazed, double leaf sliding Portaro®. Furthermore, the Medical Centre was also fitted with Vicaima wardrobes, providing the building with a clear and harmonious setting.

The Dekordor® HD Colours range of finishes, in Aqua Green, Cooler Green and White colours were selected to integrate the interior revamps of the Calheta Medical Centre, given their high physical and chemical resistance, they are ideal for places subject to intensive use and for creating the relaxing shades, which contributed to humanising the spaces.

Product Range

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