Cerebral Palsy Centre

Açores, Portugal

Vicaima has contributed its interior door solutions to the new São Miguel Cerebral Palsy Centre, now ready to welcome over 100 users.

The Portaro® EI30 AC32dB and Portaro® EI30 AC39dB Inverse solutions ensure an adequate response to two essential conditions for the normal operation of this health unit, fire protection, and sound insulation. The Portaro® FD60 Double Action, also installed here, is another option that ensures high protection against fire while facilitating the movement between spaces. All these performances are certified by accredited international entities, being essential elements in this project.

The building also features the Portaro® Inverse. With this option, it is possible to incorporate a door flush to the architrave or wall panels, creating a straight and continuous surface, with the entire design of the building involving the search for a setting which conveys tranquility and fosters a sense of amplitude in each area.

The Portaro® Pocket Door model was selected, a design that contributes to a greater sense of space and optimisation of the surrounding areas.

The choice of finish fell on Ash Grey from the Dekordor® HD Colours range, filling every corner of the rooms, corridors, and common areas, where Vicaima solutions are located, with simplicity and in line with the other tones.

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