Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital

Madeira, Portugal

The Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital incorporated a wide range of solutions from the Vicaima Medical Range, in the new inpatient wing reserved, in the meantime, for treating patients with Covid-19.

Among the supplied projects, emphasis is placed on both the 30 minute fire resistant and the 30 minute fire resistant double action Portaro®, as well as non-fire solutions, all of which have Dekordor® HD finish, which is a continuous pressure laminate with high physical and chemical endurance, ideal for places subject to intensive use. These versatile and functional solutions contributed to creating security and mobility conditions for patients and healthcare professionals.

The Vicaima Medical Range has continuously been the focus of development and investment over the years and, currently, secures a wide choice of specific and certified performances in the fields of fire resistance, acoustics, security and radiation protection, with varied configuration, finish and design options.

Product Range

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