Governor’s Meadow Lower Primary School


Governor’s Meadow Lower Primary School is one of the most recent public school projects in Gibraltar. Having opted for Vicaima solutions, this reference primary school has chosen the brand’s high-performance products and avant-garde design to create a safe and stimulating educational environment.

By introducing finishes such as the elegant Dekordor® HD Shadow Grey and the vibrant Red Garnet and Verde Aqua, among other customized colours, Vicaima has significantly contributed to this scenario. These laminates with a high level of physical and chemical resistance not only facilitate maintenance and cleaning, but also embellish the school space, helping to make it more dynamic and stimulating for everyone.

Portaro® solutions - a set that integrates door, frame and accessories in a single piece - are also notable in the project for their fire resistance and acoustic insulation features. Models such as the Portaro® FD30 and FD60 fire doors are certified by accredited international organisations and meet the maximum requirements for protection and intensive use of these spaces. At the same time, the Portaro® SK AC32dB and SK AC33dB options provide a quiet environment, conducive to learning.

The integration of the Portaro® pocket door and double leaf solutions also ensures the mobility and accessibility of the spaces. The inclusion of glazing and overpanel openings adds natural light, an essential element in any school context.

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