Hospital Internacional dos Açores

Açores, Portugal

The Hospital Internacional dos Açores, officially opened on 8th March, on the island of São Miguel, with the inclusion of several choices from the Hospital Range throughout the hospital. The Portaro® solutions by Vicaima fitted in the many corridors, as well as in the access to consulting rooms, wards, individual rooms and common areas, facilitate mobility and assure security in the circulation between the spaces for professionals and users.

Within the entire specialised range available at Vicaima, the health care unit included the installation of a number of Portaro® options, namely, Portaro®, Portaro® Double action, Portaro® Fire Door 30, Portaro® Fire Door 60 minutes and Portaro® anti-radiation. These technical performance solutions meet the maximum security demands of a hospital, granting fire resistance and radiation protection in places with these demands. All the technical solutions implemented in the project are certified by international accredited entities, offering maximum security and reliability in their performance.

The choice of finishes focuses on the Dekordor® HD and SHD White options, intended to create a calm environment in all spaces, thereby enhancing the hospital unit’s approach to providing tranquility and protection to all its users and team members. Known for their high level of physical and chemical resistance, these finishes are ideal for places subject to intensive use, offering great durability together with a sober and clean design, which intensifies the hospital’s luminous and welcoming ambiance.

The technical specificity of this equipment, as well as its aesthetic primacy, highlight Vicaima’s commitment and expertise in the various service sectors, particularly in the medical sector, marking its presence in yet another major investment project in Portuguese health care.

Product Range

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