La Garenne International School

Villars, Switzerland

The Vicaima brand was chosen to equip the new Le Roc Campus of the prestigious La Garenne International School, located in Villars, Switzerland. Le Roc Campus, part of the Senior School de La Garenne, is a modern, state-of-the-art building which is ideally suited to the needs of present-day secondary school students. Many of the students from the over 35 nationalities comprising La Garenne’s student community live on campus in modern dormitories overlooking the Swiss Alps.

To equip the dormitories, classrooms, auditoriums, corridors, study rooms and bathrooms, several Portaro® units were installed - a solution that integrates door, frame and accessories in a single piece - as well as Portaro® FD30 minutes, and Portaro® Fire and Acoustic 33dB and 40dB, respectively. As regards the finish, Dekordor® HD Garlic Grey is the dominant choice, along with the red Lacdor Extreme RAL3024 and the green RAL6018, which through their bright colours reflect the modernism and liveliness of the Campus.

The technical solutions with Fire and Acoustic performances included in this project are certified by international accredited entities, granting maximum comfort and security to the entire school community, thereby enhancing Vicaima’s continuous commitment to this sector.

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