Povoação Fire Brigade

Azores, Portugal

Located on the island of São Miguel, in the Azores, the Povoação Fire Brigade assigned Vicaima to equip their new facilities.

For the several rooms of the building, where fire resistance is an indispensable requirement, the Portaro® EI30 and EI60 were chosen. These solutions, which comprise door, frame and accessories, are certified by accredited international organisations and comply with the maximum protection and intensive use requirements which are a naturally existing condition within any Fire Brigade.

For the remaining common areas, it was decided to go for the Portaro® Sliding, an option distinguished by its versatility and the optimisation of spaces, which is a highly important factor given the need for quick and agile mobility of the entire team in emergency situations.

In the process of picking the materials for this project, Oak Dekordor® HD was chosen. This is a highly resistant and durable laminate, which are essential features to withstand daily use, given the expected intensive use of these facilities. Furthermore, its wood look pattern offers a classic and timeless twist, which easily adapts to any decor style.

Product Range

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