Santa Apolónia Smart Studios

Lisbon, Portugal

The new Santa Apolónia Smart Studios residence is the ultimate exponent of practicality, but also of comfort and minimalist design. Contributing to these distinctive features are the Vicaima solutions, which have given a differentiating and outstanding touch raising this new space to a level of elegance and modernity.

This development is a 114 room co-living project, a new segment of the residential market especially designed for students, mobile workers and young professionals.

For greater well-being of its users, the project included different Portaro® solutions by Vicaima which were applied in both bedrooms and common areas - Portaro® Inverse EI30 AC38dB, Portaro® Inverse, Portaro®, Portaro® Pocket and Portaro® Sliding.

To complete the interior design of the project, wall panels, skirting and wardrobes in the bedrooms played a role. All these products signed by Vicaima conferred a modern and unpretentious aura to the development.

Product Range

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