Waterport Schools


Contemporary and highly functional, the Waterport Schools complex, located in Gibraltar, integrated several Portaro® Vicaima solutions oriented to the school sector, specifically developed for this project.

The over 800 Vicaima doors and frames which equipped the classroom entrances and circulation areas, included 30 and 60 minute anti-smoke fire doors, most featuring acoustic insulation performance from 32dB to 42dB, which comply with the very demanding project requirements with regard to fire and smoke resistance, as well as sound insulation. The project also integrated several configurations, such as double leaf doors, with overpanel, and double action doors, delivering mobility and luminosity to the spaces.

The elected finish for the doors at the Waterport Schools complex was Dekordor® SHD - a high physical and chemical resistance decorative laminate, in a vibrant palette of around 20 colours, carefully selected for each area of the building. The many shades included red, green or blue, thus conferring a personalised impetus to the interiors, creating a youthful and inspiring ambience. The Dark Grey coloured frames in Dekordor® HD mark the contrast and, in turn, are the harmonious element in all the solutions.

The Waterport Schools project in Gibraltar thus adds to Vicaima’s vast portfolio and asserts the technical expertise of the brand in designing solutions for the school sector.

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