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RC2 EI45 AC45dB

Security Doors

Safety, insulation, sustainability: The Portaro® Security RC2 EI45 AC45dB is a high-end multi-performance technical solution, which guarantees in a single product, resistance to intrusion, excellent thermal insulation (UD: 1,17 W/(m2.ºC)), a high level of fire resistance (45 minutes) and acoustic insulation (45dB).


Security door RC2 with 54mm thickness and multi-layered interior
Security frame RC2  in solid wood and plywood
Anti-intrusion hinges and security lock with 3 point locking system
Security CE marked cylinder - EN 1303
Threshold and automatic drop seal for AC45dB
Ud: 1,17 W/(m2.ºC) - ISO 10077-1; ISO 10077-2 and ISO 10211
RC2 security certification - EN1627
Fire certification for EI45 - EN13501-2
Acoustic certification AC45 - ISO717-1

Models: Essential, Exclusive and Classic  |  Finishes: Naturdor®, Dekordor® and Lacdor

 Download Technical Sheet: Portaro® Security RC2 EI45 AC45dB


Note.: For this performance some models may not be available.

Security RC2 EI45 AC45dB