Climate Action

Sustainability in the energy transition

The efficient use of energy resources is essential to reducing the environmental impact associated with GHG emissions. Combining sustainability with technological evolution, due to the growing use of electrification and automation, has never been more important than it is now, and in this regard we have proactively invested in implementing actions aimed at reducing our carbon footprint. These actions involve integrating innovative and more efficient solutions into our operations, focusing on the transition to renewable energy sources and reducing energy consumption.


42% of energy consumption
from renewable sources

In 2023, we recorded 65,646GJ of overall energy consumption, of which 42% came from renewable sources sourced from internal energy recovery, namely through the use of wood waste and due to an electricity consumption mix.

The Vicaima Group is determined to increase its consumption of energy from renewable sources, be it by selecting energy suppliers according to the weight of renewable energy in its supply mix, or by direct investment in internal energy valorisation projects that boost self-consumption, or by the development of photovoltaic projects.

As a result of the various actions and projects we implemented in 2023, we managed to achieve a significant decrease in energy consumption compared to 2022, down by 14,694 GJ (-18%).






Projects with Impact

Optimising compressed air network management
Betting on LED lighting and self-control lighting
Replacement of HVAC systems
Renewable energy production for self-consumption
Continuous awareness-raising campaigns on the correct use of energy


On the front line

Ongoing projects