GreenTransition (On going)

MaX Project
Accelerating Digitalisation and boosting human capital

This is a project that responds to market dynamics, both in terms of digital transformation and through continuous investment in new technologies, infrastructures, process reformulation and the training of industrial teams, leading to a change in culture and organisational structure.

In 2023, Vicaima Indústria started the MaX Project initiative, which aims to further digitise production processes, from planning to the shop floor, as part of its wider strategy to implement Industry 4.0.


The anchor project applied to production processes

The MaX Project is the anchor project for the digitalisation of production processes with the aim of increasing process efficiency, improving quality and speed of communication, reducing costs, improving the quality of products and services, increasing flexibility and responsiveness to market changes, and significantly reducing the use of paper in daily operations. There is also the component of collecting and analysing data in real time which, together with the data analytics tools developed as part of the SAP Analytics project, enables faster and more informed decision-making.

In 2023, we began implementing digital solutions for production sequencing and plans, collecting production data (quantities, times and consumption) and managing maintenance interventions.

The project will continue throughout 2024, with the development and improvement of these solutions, as well as the expansion of the project to other areas of activity.