Our history of success and resilience reflects the dedication and commitment of Our People



What defines us

Every day more than 800 employees contribute to the sustainable growth of the organisation. We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, as well as equal opportunities in the sphere of personal and professional development based on each person's performance and merit. We have a multicultural workforce based on solid relationships of trust, enriched by the Group's commitment to guaranteeing a healthy environment that promotes the involvement and qualification of everyone in a constantly evolving world of work.

National and international internships

The Vicaima Group has curricular and professional internship programmes for students or recent graduates, which are the result of collaborations and protocols with higher education institutions and also secondary/vocational education institutions. According to their area of study, they can join one of the Group's companies at national or international level, in the department most suited to their training. A retention rate of around 70% was a positive reflection of the internship programmes that took place in 2023.

New Talents

Attracting and valuing future generations is one of the Vicaima Group's priorities. We thus promote proximity and the exchange of synergies with young people in order to open doors to employability, but also to enrich qualified knowledge, providing opportunities and experiences for both parties. Proximity is our added value, whether through our presence at job fairs, technical classes organised in collaboration with various educational institutions or visits to our industrial unit.




Support, value and integrate


The Vicaima Group is committed to actively participating in society and supports various charitable organisations and those promoting culture and education. It also promotes local employment and invests in youth employment by supporting solid and innovative initiatives and projects, such as the 42Porto school and the José Neves Foundation, which encourage the development of skills and integration into a professional world that is intended to be more qualified and attractive.