Sustainable and Innovative Products

Sustainability and Quality, the catalysts for innovation
in the development of our products

In view of the Vicaima Group's core business, which centres on the production and commercialisation of wood and wood-based products for the construction sector, we are committed to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals:


SDG11 (cities and communities more sustainable)

Provision of more sustainable and inclusive products, accessible to all, that ensure privacy, safety and comfort


SDG12 (sustainable production and consumption)

Encouraging sustainable consumption and production patterns by implementing actions that promote the efficient use of resources, the use of renewable materials and the reduction and recovery of waste, from a circular economy perspective integrated throughout the value chain.



We contribute to more sustainable construction!

With a diverse range of products

Portaro® (door and frame)






Floors 1


Woods 1



(1) Products commercialised by the Vicaima Group company Globaldis. In addition, Globaldis is the exclusive distributor of the Vicaima range of products for the domestic market.



Learn about the benefits of selecting our Solutions

Safety and Comfort– Portaro® solutions with tested and certified performance, including anti-intrusion, fire resistance, acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, etc

Mobility and accessibility – Doors and frames with adapted and ergonomic configurations to facilitate mobility between spaces

Thermal solutions for better energy efficiency – Specific portaro® solutions with excellent thermal transmission coefficients

Durability – Coating options and accessories for more intensive use

Easy renovation – Easy-to-apply portaro® solution for building renovation



Industry 4.0 and digitalisation, to ensure optimisation of manufacturing processes, with lower energy consumption and GHG emissions

Careful selection of renewable and/or recycled raw materials from certified forests (FSC® or PEFC) or of controlled origin

Promoting the circular economy

Continued investment in EPD and LCA processes

Availability of BIM objects, interior doors and wardrobes

Digital information sharing with greater efficiency and fewer resources

A more responsible, safer and sustainable choice