Sustainable and Innovative Products

Contributing to a new era in construction
More sustainable, safe and inclusive


There are many factors influencing architecture and construction in the search for innovative solutions that contribute to more efficient and sustainable buildings. We can highlight some of these factors, such as energy efficiency, the composition and durability of materials, certifications or circularity in construction, all of which are essential on this path to achieving environmental sustainability and promoting social well-being.

Taking into account the Vicaima Group's core business, we are committed to contributing to SDG11, which aims to make cities and communities more sustainable, inclusive, safe and resilient. Our contribution includes providing products for more sustainable housing that promotes privacy, safety and well-being, accessible to all and in harmony with nature. In the same way, we act to encourage sustainable consumption patterns and products (SDG12) with effective actions to reduce waste and residues, recycle and reuse materials, as well as energy consumption, through an integrated approach throughout the value chain, from the producer to the end consumer.


Responsible development and innovation

Interior doors and frames - Portaro® solutions - represent the Vicaima Group's core product for the construction sector. There are many features of this solution which today reflect the path developed over the years based on rigour and quality and which demonstrate its commitment to sustainability.

 Security and well-being


  • Tested and certified products that guarantee maximum safety, protection and comfort for users
  • Portaro® solutions with high fire resistance from 30 to 90 minutes, soundproofing up to 45dB and security with associated anti-intrusion and anti-burglary features


 Durability (Doors and accessories)


  • Tested products including 30 and 60 minute fire doors
  • Wide range of technical options, functionalities and finishes suited to the site application and durability requirements
  • Easy maintenance


 Mobility and Accessibility


  • Adapted solutions that include larger doors to facilitate mobility between spaces
  • Specific glass openings that improve visibility and light inside the spaces
  • Protection zones for wheeled equipment
  • Ergonomic and functional accessories





 Sustainable Products


  • Solutions built with natural, renewable and recycled materials
  • Wood used comes from FSC® certified and/or controlled forests
  • Products available with FSC® certification


  Thermal solutions for better energy efficiency


  • Portaro® Thermal with excellent levels of thermal transmission coefficient, U-Value of 1.17W/(m2.ºC)
  • Improve the building's energy performance by creating a barrier between air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned spaces
  • Various solutions are available that include fire resistance, acoustic insulation and safety, with excellent thermal performance




Did you know...

A door measuring 2040x830mm stores 85kg of tCO2e during 30 years*

*Source: Vicaima Indústria EPD for the Portaro® Fire and Acoustic solution, EI30 AC41dB



Our contribution

In our innovation and product development projects, we take a holistic approach to finding the best solutions to meet our clients' needs, using the most advanced technologies to manufacture and make products available more quickly and ecologically. At the same time, we are focused on continually investing in the development of solutions that contribute to the environmental certification of buildings, thus promoting more sustainable construction in favour of society and the planet.


  • Preferential selection of renewable and/or recycled raw materials and promotion of the circular economy
  • Commitment to Industry 4.0 and digitalisation as a way of guaranteeing the optimisation of manufacturing processes and the use of equipment with less environmental impact
  • Efficient use of materials and resources, minimising the consumption of virgin raw materials
  • Certification of technical products and innovation in fire protection, security, acoustics and thermal solutions


  • Availability of BIM objects which include interior doors and wardrobes
  • Promotes digital information sharing while consuming fewer resources
  • Enables a more responsible, safer and sustainable choice


Environmental certification of buildings

  • Purchase of FSC®, PEFC and Controlled wood certified products
  • Indoor air quality preserved with wood and wood-based products in accordance with EN13986
  • Wooden solutions, a renewable material that absorbs and stores CO2
  • Product design developed to guarantee the best performance and durability
  • Solution of door, frame and accessories in one assembly, easy to apply for building renovation(doorkit and doorsets)
  • Continued investment in product certification, both in technical terms and in terms of product sustainability (EPDs and LCAs)