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Let it shine with Vicaima Gloss Finish

Interiors take on a luxurious appeal with the addition of a high gloss finish.  Adding a feeling of space and with the benefit of reflecting available light, a gloss finish can transform the ordinary to give a touch of sophistication and enhanced design quality.  Available as an optional final touch, gloss lacquer is available on both veneered and coloured finishes from the Vicaima Naturdor and Lacdor ranges. 



  • High Gloss finish is available for Naturdor®, Naturdor® Stained, Naturdor® SL and Lacdor ranges
  • Gloss finish can be applied to performance doors, including fire, security and acoustics
  • Available for both door and frame with our Portaro door kit system
  • Matching wall panels and wardrobes can also include our gloss finish where required


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